A meaningful life is all about overcoming adversity, realising potential, and ultimately give back for the good of the community. There are many talented people and community partners in our society who have done just that with support from the Club. Be inspired as they recount their life journeys and endeavours in a series of 10 info-segments which first aired on TVB Jade, TVB iNews and Cable TV News in January and are now available to watch by clicking on the links below.

Episode Areas of Community Contributions
The youngest local member of the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra – Szeto Kin
A seven-time Paralympic Gold Medalist – Yu Chui Yee
Cadenza Hub users – Mr. & Mrs. Lo
Jockey Club “Make a Difference School” participant – Kevin Shum
FAMILY: A Jockey Club Initiative for a Harmonious Society Participant – Mrs. Tang & Son
Leader of the Hong Chi glass bottle recycling team – Hui Yuk Po
Hospital Authority ICU Operations Manager – Ms. Mak Wai Ling
The Fire Dragon Dance Commander and Keeper of the Flame – Chan Tak Fai
Concert pianist – Colleen Lee
A home-care renal patient – Chan Wing Man