In the 1970s, the Club donated funds to build the Hong Kong Sports Institute for the training of elite athletes. Total donations made to the Institute since 1997 alone add up to almost HK$700 million.

Fencer Yu Chui Yee is a Hong Kong-born athlete who has defied her disability to make history in the international sports arena. Her perseverance, combined with professional guidance from coaches and unconditional support from her teammates, has inspired and bolstered Hong Kong’s renowned “can do” spirit.

Since the 1950s, The Hong Kong Jockey Club has been a staunch supporter of sports development. Among its noteworthy undertakings include the establishment and subsequent redevelopment of the Hong Kong Sports Institute, and continuous support of the Hong Kong Paralympic Committee & Sports Association for the Physically Disabled, which helps both able-bodied and disabled athletes realise their potential.

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