The Club has donated HK$4.61 million to the Hong Chi Association’s Glass Bottle Recycling Campaign for the promotion of recycling of glass bottles.

The Club is an enthusiastic supporter of the Hong Chi Association’s Glass Bottle Recycling Campaign, which not only recycles glass into eco-friendly bricks, but also provides training for many of the association’s members. Launched in 2010, the Project was the first-ever citywide initiative to marry the promotion of green living with training for the disabled. Over the past three years, more than 1,000 tonnes of glass bottles have been successfully recycled, and many intellectually-challenged trainees have received vocational opportunities that promote social inclusion.

Three years of such training under the Hong Chi Jockey Club Glass Bottle Recycling Project have turned Hui Yuk Po from a shy trainee into a team leader who exudes confidence and pride. He has now taken the lead in promoting green living to the wider community.

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