Staunch Support of the Ping Wo Fund

As a socially responsible organisation with over 130 years of commitment to the betterment of Hong Kong, the Club continues to strive for excellence in implementing responsible gambling measures within its own betting services, to divert gambling demand from illegal and unauthorised operators to the regulated channel. The Club is also committed to promoting responsible gambling practices among those who choose to bet.

With a long-term vision of helping the government to combat illegal gambling and to tackle gambling-related problems for the overall health of the Hong Kong community, the Club sees the strategic value of leveraging a strong third party to effectively reach out with holistic solutions to the largest number of problem gamblers. Based on this principle, the Club has supported the government in its efforts to establish the Ping Wo Fund in 2003. An independent body dedicated to addressing gambling-related social issues in Hong Kong, the Fund pursues four major ambits: research, prevention, public education, and counselling & treatment.

The Club has been the biggest contributor to the Ping Wo Fund, with HK$260 million allocated since 2003. Over 15,000 problem and pathological gamblers receive counselling or advice from the four counselling and treatment centres funded by the Ping Wo Fund every year. Since 2009, a total of 4 million participants have joined the young generation education programmes to prevent problem and pathological gambling behaviour under the Ping Wo Fund Sponsorship Scheme and Ping Wo Fund School Project Grants. The results of these efforts have been a drop in the prevalence rates of both possible problem gamblers and possible pathological gamblers to below 2% in 2012.